We work with a variety of different industry sectors
Efficiency is key

We help you to maximise your business potential.

Here at Baase we are highly experienced in working in a variety of market sectors and over the years we have worked with a diverse mixture of clients, allowing us to expand our expertise and knowledge. We have experience in almost every business area.

Paul Marshall has a chartered accountancy background, specialising in financial areas. He knows how the finances of businesses operate and has used this knowledge over the years to create bespoke business systems and adapt existing ones.

We know that individual sectors and businesses have their own way of operating and that each require slight tweaks, but the aim is the same. To maximise sales and reduce the time spent on operating processes.

We know how to maximise a sale and we know that everything revolves around finance. We adapt these processes so that they work better. We can help you to make your business more efficient.


Our expertise will create insight, identify potential and add value to your business

Consultancy is key to our success.

After 25 years of working with many different businesses it allows us to understand the processes quickly and how to adapt them to streamline the management of projects.

We know what people need to make their jobs more efficient. We add value. We can help you to improve your business process by putting systems into place to maximise profit.

How do you want to work? How do your staff work? We can build something specific for your business or use one of our existing models and adapt it slightly to suit your needs.

We can grow with you and if you chose a bespoke system we can continue to add capabilities as your business grows rather than trying to squeeze what you need out of a templated system. We work out what will best suit the employees within your business and help them to operate in a more efficient way.

We spend time profiling and reviewing your customers, extracting your existing data and combining all this information to create processes that will allow you to get the best from your business.

Our aim is to get best out of systems and staff, understanding people within the business and the business itself. This allows us to get you the best results and to create a system that works seamlessly for you.

We don’t just offer to build new systems for you, we also offer business advice. It may be that you have a system already in place, but you simply need some direction with how to manage it and to make it more efficient. We can supply you with system advice & process efficiency advice as well as creating data reports for you.

Our Expertise enables us to build and adapt systems, creating efficiency and supplying you with valuable data. Tailored to you.

Some of the sectors that we specialise in
Wholesale and Distribution
Building and Materials
Construction Suppliers
Retail and Online
Hospitality and Events
Wilstone & Kadia
, Wilstone & Kadia
, Pipekit
There is much greater efficiency and accuracy in order processing which has resulted in the reduction of admin costs and an improvement in our service levels. Order entry errors have...
Lauren Ravenscroft
Finance Director, Alsecco (UK) Ltd
Baase have been both professional and reliable from the moment we hired the team.
Barbara Colvin BA(Hons) ACMA
Finance Manager, The Blue Coat School Birmingham
Baase have been our chosen IT and business systems support partner for over 12 years. The support, service and knowledge we have received has simply been outstanding.
James Brammeld
Director, Jenkinsons Caterers
Their advice with regard to how Sage are moving forward has proved vital with regard to our future use of Sage, support has been excellent in terms of both problem...
Philip Turner
Financial Controller, Shrewsbury School
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